Resilience Training for Teams

Practical strategies that help.

Courses for Teams

Stepping out of Stress

A slowed down, experiential, purely stress focused workshop taking delegates through a series of modules helping them understand stress, where it comes from and its impact on them and others. It includes plenty of practice of the strategies and techniques we share so that they leave the workshop confident they can take action.

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Essential Emotional Resilience

Our flagship, core workshop, is a 1 day experiential workshop which creates a suitable environment for delegates to explore and understand their relationship with the three key areas that, if not attended to, can undermine their emotional strength. Those being Stress, Self Esteem and Our Feelings.

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Thriving in a (VUCA) Constantly Changing Environment

A 2 day workshop for teams or individuals working in VUCA Environments.

VUCA stands for:

This workshop delivers the essential emotional self care skills combined with practical tactics and strategies for working with others in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

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Improving Efficiency Through Honest Communication

Conflict is a necessary factor in change, progress and business breakthroughs. Dealt with healthily it can be the catalyst for radical improvements. Dealt with unhealthily it can be a heavy weight that slows a team down.

This is a 2 day team based workshop for teams that are either in conflict or who actively avoid conflict and thus lose efficiency.

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"It is a safe non-judgemental environment where you can say as much or as little as you feel and I guarantee you will say more than you thought you would."
AS, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Everything helped me on this course. I have recently been off with anxiety & depression and have had a hard time dealing with this and the course has given me some amazing tips to move on with and help me with my journey."
Essential Emotional Resilience Workshop
"Julian was incredibly engaging & made it a very safe environment. was one of the best workshops I have been on in 18 years of working"
LM, Bournemouth
Essential Emotional Resilience Workshop

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