Calm Execs

A programme designed to support senior executives with the specific challenges they face.

Course description

Through some research and conversations with our clients it became clear that whilst Senior Executives do carry significantly greater levels of responsibility in their organisations they are the least likely to take care of themselves. In fact the more we looked into it we found that this small population, in most organisations, took a lot of time to concern themselves over their team’s resilience but paid little attention to their own. Given the costs to an organisation of replacing senior executives we put this retreat based workshop together.


Calm Execs retreats are exclusive and limited in availability. No more than 8 individuals attend a retreat.

The intention behind this retreat is to enlighten execs to tap into their inner well of resources, both intellectual and intuitive. By learning to effectively take
care of their whole self, they will then have the clarity, resilience and enthusiasm to inspire their team to reach their highest potential.

They are run by a partnership of an emotional resilience expert and a mindfulness expert with the outcome of stimulating and supporting two key areas, those being our mind and our spirit.

Delegates experience workshop based learning that challenges some of their established behaviours backed up with reflection time to integrate learning and look ahead to change. Focused, specific breathwork exercises as well as simple yet extremely effective meditation techniques are introduced to assist in independent coping strategies to handle any crises. We believe that the cornerstone of effective leadership is resilience
as this quality builds the skills and mindset needed for emotional and
behavioral change, and improves overall wellbeing.

Specific content of the workshop is not shared here simply because the balance of stimulations, the venue and the outcomes are specific to every client’s needs.

Get in touch today and start the journey towards a happier and more resilient workplace.