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This week we were invited on to our local BBC radio station to discuss Ben Stokes and mental health

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Julian was invited on to BBC Radio Kent for their Wake Up Call show with Anna Cookson to discuss why we are getting angrier and why some choose to  take it out on the police force.

Plus see if you can spot the new word he inserted into the interview.

Julian was invited to comment by Charities Management Magazine on the mental health pressure of charity workers.


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Calm People’s founder Julian Hall was asked to comment on the Oscars issue between Chris Rock & Will Smith

Asked to write for HR Directors Magazine about how the attitude of senior leaders in an organisation towards their personal wellbeing affects the whole outlook of the organisation on wellbeing. Click on the image to read the full article.

We were invited by a leading magazine in the Care Sector, Caring Times, to comment on the compulsory vaccination of Care Sector employees. Here’s the article.

We were invited on to Bucks Breakfast Radio to discuss how and why we had established they were the calmest county. To hear how you can contribute to those stats, and many other interesting questions about our relationship with anger listen here.

We were asked to write an article for The Law Society magazine on the subject of conflict in the workplace and how healthy conflict can be encouraged.

“This article was first published in the January 2021 edition of Managing for Success, the magazine of the Law Society’s Law Management Section.”

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Managing Conflict – Managing for Success Jan 21

King’s College London released some research showing increased levels of anger caused by coronavirus (COVID19) fears. We were invited on several radio stations to comment and this interview is from BBC WM with Elise Evans

Once again the British Safety Council feature Julian as an expert talking about mental health in construction. We love the opening paragraph mainly because it is true as well as a little rude…to read the full article click here.

Corporate Vision Magazine interviewed Julian about our work with Senior Executives…

Actor and legend Alec Baldwin provided another opportunity for Julian to be invited on to LBC to the Eddie Mair show to discuss anger management. This clip includes – can some people not be helped – is a one day workshop enough – Does Eddie Mair accidentally call some angry people Gits or was it the line fault?

We now have fans in China.

Robin Zhang contacted us and asked if he could interview Julian for his Radio Stations Podcast – The Professionals. 

Subjects we covered – Anger, mental health and what impacts it & a plug for Calm people. Feel free to listen.

Its that time of year when people set resolutions for the year ahead and our local radio station BBC Radio Derby invited us on to talk……just for fun, we introduced the subject of shame.

Voice of Islam Radio invited us back on to Join Noor Hadi and Qayyum Rashid to talk about anger and anger management.

BBC Radio London

Julian was invited on BBC Radio London to discuss the Metropolitan Police initiative Take 90 designed to raise awareness of public anger and help people calm down. Hear Julian talk about why we get angry in public and what we can do.

An interview with British Safety Council Magazine

NEWS: Harbouring anger at work ‘as bad for health as stress’, says expert

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An interview with SHP Online a leading Health & Safety Website

We are not good at dealing with feelings, experiencing vulnerability or expressing vulnerability’: In conversation with Julian Hall, Calm People

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Julian Hall was invited on to BBC Radio 4 PM programme with Eddie Mair to discuss healthy anger, anger in the workplace and gender stereotypes in expressing and tolerating anger.

Listen to Julian talking on local radio about the Online Rage Room for existing clients only and haviing a dry “ish” January

Our Founder Julian Hall was invited on to LBC Radio recently to talk with afternoon show host Shelagh Fogarty about Anger on public transport and in general.

We have been asked to write a series of articles for United Chiropractic Association Magazine.

How to stay calm

December 2016 and a Rage Cage or Anger Room opens for the first time in Britain. Julian was invited on to give his views.

Julian was invited on to BBC Radio Derby to assist a presenter with learning to stay calm in extreme circumstances. Recording in 3 parts.

Part 1 – The lighthearted build up and background story


Part 2 – The cure……or was it……you don’t always have to take this subject too seriously


Part 3 – Did it work?? …..less than a minute of audio to find out


Julian was invited on to the Sally Pepper show by Aleena Naylor to discuss whether or not it is acceptable to cry in public….especially for men.

Julian was asked to comment on Jeremy Clarkson’s challenges on local Radio.

Julian was invited on to BBC Radio Leeds to discuss how to have a Calm Christmas.

Julian was invited on to BBC Radio Derby to discuss research showing arguing is unhealthy for you.


HR Review, the industry leading on line publication asked for Julian’s opinion on dealing angry employees. 

Here’s what he wrote: Dealing with angry employees

Julian was asked to present on stress at a national conference Working With Anger in Edinburgh. It was simultaneously broadcast live on the internet.

Julian featured as  The Sun newspaper’s as sole expert on anger issues.

how to control anger

Julian asked to comment on Under Stimulated Syndrome in Essential Magazine as part of a panel of experts.

do i have anger issues
managing stress