Master Classes

A master class is a hybrid of our seminars that developed through demand from senior management teams for more interactive sessions that are time limited and can be slotted into their management meetings agenda.

We all want to be happy, right? Not all of us take the easiest route towards this often just out of our grasp nirvana. In this insightful masterclass we share our 7 segment model with essential tips and strategies to improve our overall wellbeing.

An interactive masterclass that helps delegates have a better understanding of the issues, what mental health constitutes, what their responsibilities are and what support they get from their employer.

An interactive group masterclass for managers that delivers a better understanding of the issues their teams are facing and have strategies and tactics to hand to have compassionate conversations.

An interactive masterclass focused on our relationship with stress and helping delegates understand their personal relationship with stress. Each delegate leaves with an understanding of their personal relationship with stress and will have 4 strategies and tactics they can use to alter that relationship should they choose.

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