Why Calm People?

There’s a lot of talk about emotional intelligence, emotional resilience and managing your emotions both at work and home. It’s clear that knowledge and skills are not sufficient to help us get through the tough aspects in our lives. We need to cope with those stresses and emotions that hijack our capacity to control and manage our lives. Finding the right course or approach isn’t easy. There are generalist counsellors offering support to individuals, business consultants providing advice to organisations.

What makes Calm People different?…

A unique combination

Large corporate business management, public sector experience, specialist communication therapy, and training with the British Association of Anger Management.

Practical and realistic approach

Based on extensive experience alongside a wealth of theoretical foundation. It’s not full of jargon but real tactics and strategies to help you find control and calm in your life.

Full theoretical toolkit

We do not use just one theory but utilise a full toolkit and have filtered the useful and most appropriate tools to help you.

Interactive and enjoyable

If you don’t find them so, we give you your money back! Seriously – take a look at our money back guarantee here.

Workplace Case Studies

We love being able to measure results of our work and are happy to share this with our clients.