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Sometimes you spot an individual who is struggling with the environment, with change or have recently stepped up to a much bigger role and you want to provide them with some support.

Sometimes the impact one individual has on your results or your team cohesion is so substantial that you want to make sure they have the support and emotional management skills they need. 

Targeted support from Calm People on a one to one basis is likely to be the solution that fits. We won’t decide that until we have carried out a one to one assessment and then discussed with the individual and you what we recommend.

Choose from any of the programmes developed for individuals that have been finely tuned through our work in the last 10 years or take the responsive Executive Coaching option.

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Courses for Individuals

5 hour Emotional Resilience

5 one to one sessions tailored to your needs supporting you in dealing with stress in your life, finding new tactics and real techniques to help you feel in control and build your emotional strength.

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"It is a safe non-judgemental environment where you can say as much or as little as you feel and I guarantee you will say more than you thought you would."
AS, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Everything helped me on this course. I have recently been off with anxiety & depression and have had a hard time dealing with this and the course has given me some amazing tips to move on with and help me with my journey."
Essential Emotional Resilience Workshop
"Julian was incredibly engaging & made it a very safe environment. was one of the best workshops I have been on in 18 years of working"
LM, Bournemouth
Essential Emotional Resilience Workshop

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