Our COVID19 Response - Combining safety and the best delegate experience

We recognise in this uncertain environment caused by the COVID 19 pandemic that emotional safety is as important as physical safety.

This is why we are pleased to offer you a choice of safe delivery in-house in a standard workshop style or online delivery.

In-house workshops

While this is our traditional model it is not without its challenges. Before we run a session in your workplace we talk you through our own risk assessment and checklist to confirm that we will be entering a safe environment and be able to deliver the workshop safely.

Adjustments that may be made could be in terms of numbers in the room or the venue itself if the normal workshops rooms are inadequate.

We will also ask for your own organisational risk assessment and COVID 19 rules so that we can fit into your culture of safety.

All our workbooks and any handouts are printed and stored a minimum of 72 hours in advance for your safety.

Online Delivery

If face to face facilitation is not possible for whatever reason we have taken the steps of carefully revising our workshops to make sure they lose none of their impact by being carried out online.

Our facilitators are skilled at building rapport in any environment and the move to online working has felt like a natural move for us.

Since we can all suffer screen fatigue we have broken sessions up and do not deliver any workshop for more than 3 hours at a time with half way screen breaks built in. This has the advantage of our facilitators spending more time with delegates and giving them opportunities to practise, assimilate learning and ask questions at the next sessions. Spending more time with delegates than we would normally on a face to face workshop is something we are happy to do as it maintains the quality and the integrity of our work.

Whichever model for working with us is your preference we can help and make sure that you and your teams get the best development experience they can.