Finding Calm in your Life in Ten sessions

A minimum commitment of ten one to one sessions leads to you gaining your own perspective on conflict in your life and achieving the calm you need.

Course description

This series of sessions supports you in exploring your emotions and how you manage them in one to one environment.. We cover aspects of stress management, emotional resilience, anger management and historical trauma. You will gain insight into your own emotional well-being, along with greater understanding of your empathy and listening skills with others. The course addresses self-esteem and anger and is suitable both for the overly aggressive and the overly passive individual. You will learn practical strategies and tools to help you control and manage your emotions in a healthy way, and resolve conflict in a calm way.

Whether it is to improve work based relationships, personal relationships or simply because you wish to explore your own personal development these sessions have great benefits. We are able to provide course reports to any referring agencies or solicitors too.

What you'll learn

The triggers for conflict.

There are 6 we cover. We do not just describe them but we help you understand what they teach you about you. The principle is, by understanding what your issues are you can deal with those and reduce the number of times you get triggered. We will deal with-

What to do when conflict is unavoidable

By doing the developmental work on the triggers you can reduce your opportunities for conflict by up to 80% (in general) over time. This does take time however and irrespective of what you do you will never completely avoid conflict. That is not natural. So the next section deals with


Feelings – how to recognise when you really are angry and when you are using anger to cover up other feelings

Expressing anger in a healthy way that can clear up issues and not make them worse.

Catching yourself heading towards unhealthy anger


The impact the past can have on the present.

Most of us have incidents or issues from the past that impact upon the present and can make conflict worse. We help you develop a process for dealing with these once and for all.


Within this workshop is a wealth of tips, strategies, discussion and learning that will enable delegates to gain a greater understanding of themselves and others thus leading to healthier and more productive relationships in the workplace and personal relationships.

Get in touch today and start your journey towards a happier and more resilient life.