Improving Efficiency Through Honest Communication

Conflict is a necessary factor in change, progress and business breakthroughs. Dealt with healthily it can be the catalyst for radical improvements. Dealt with unhealthily it can be a heavy weight that slows a team down. This is a 2 day team based workshop for teams that are either in conflict or who actively avoid conflict and thus lose efficiency.

What you'll learn

Day 1

Understanding Anger including

Day 2

Dealing with emotions including

Course description

Management teams that are low conflict, always agree and avoid disputes are likely to fail. Active, adaptable and change orientated teams will and need to have conflict. Ideas need to clash, personalities need some freedom and differences need to be aired. If your team environment is zero conflict environment that does not mean everyone agrees, it just means that there is likely to be a whole political circus going on behind the scenes that is drawing energy away from the central purpose.


This workshop gives delegates and teams the understanding of themselves and others when heading towards conflict. It highlights the parts of conflict that we are responsible for and how we can use those for personal development. The final part of the picture is the team contracting with each other that they will, going forward, have regular healthy conflict thus improving team dynamics and efficiency.


This workshop comprehensively deals with 2 of the first two dysfunctions of a team as developed by Howard Lencioni in his book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. The first two being “Trust one another” and “Work through conflict.” The best teams disagree regularly and if there is no conflict they are too comfortable.

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