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Calm People has a wealth of experience assisting individuals who would like more control and understanding of their emotions. You may be feeling that your anger gets out of control, or you find your relationships are suffering from outbursts of emotion and stress. Perhaps you find you are angry with yourself, feel depressed or lack self-esteem? Our programmes have real practical strategies that help. We work in small groups, with couples and 1:1 too.

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Finding calm in your life in 10 sessions
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First step...

Are you having difficulty with your temper? Getting frustrated easily or losing your cool more often than you would like? Or perhaps you often feel angry with yourself, but tend to suppress the feelings? There may be feelings of shame and embarrassment about your actions, or perhaps depression resulting from the unhealthy covering up of your feelings.

If any of the above rings a bell with you, or someone you know, you are in the right place. As many people are realising, recognising and managing your emotions is not simple. And if you haven’t had the greatest of role models in these areas, either as a child or perhaps as a result of some trauma, it will be difficult to know how best to learn new ways.

And however many times you think, next time will be different, changing patterns of behaviour isn’t so easy alone. You could read a self-help book, but we believe making these changes is best in the company of others – either in a small group, or if you prefer, 1:1 with a coach/facilitator. Check out Appointments below for your next step.

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Appointments can be booked to suit you. Currently, due to the continually changing COVID 19 situation, our specialists are working with individuals over Zoom or other video call technologies. In exceptional circumstances we can meet face to face. It is likely, however, that additional fees will be incurred and these will be agreed on on an individual basis.

We recommend an assessment appointment to start off with. That session will give you insight and help you decide the best course of action.

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"I have attended Julian's keeping calm workshop and I took so much from the workshop that is still impacting on my life today. The weekend could be intense and although there is a lot of information to take in, Julian kept the experience fun. I was able to learn a lot about my levels of emotional resilience and more about group process. Particularly useful for me was the technique for challenging and stepping out of stress. I have since read Julian's book which has become my pocket guide. It's a book to keep referring back to. My internal world is a site to support your well - being and is well worth having a look at. "
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"I went to Calm People for a weekend executive coaching session. I found that it was a very efficient way to remove blockers of which I had not been previously aware. Julian is a very careful and thoughtful man and has devised a way to move forward with kindness and efficiency. Worth every penny, I still refer to the hand outs from time to time. In fact I allude to some of his techniques in my book, The Acidic Tapestry. That book would never have been written without the weekend session with Julian. Worth every minute of my time, see this as an investment rather than a cost."
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Calm People does exactly what is says on the tin! I attended one of Julian's courses and took so much information about emotional resilience. Writing this midway through 2020, I was able to draw on the skills Julian outlined in his course to "manage" definitely in a way I wouldn't have been able to previously. Many thanks Julian!"
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop


Anger, stress and emotional resilience courses will help you to a calmer and happier life. 

We have a course option to suit you, perhaps in our centres at Derby or Birmingham, or our occasional UK city venues.

Call or email if you’d like help choosing an anger management, stress management or emotional resilience course.

All anger management, stress management and emotional resilience courses are delivered by specialist facilitators, following psycho-educational programmes, adapted to your specific needs, giving you the tools and techniques to make those changes you want.

5 hour Emotional Resilience

5 one to one sessions tailored to your needs supporting you in dealing with stress in your life, finding new tactics and real techniques to help you feel in control and build your emotional strength.

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Follow up...

While the intention of all of our programmes is to deliver emotional independence some of our clients would like to test and use what we deliver while having  some support to fall back on and to gain feedback from.

To this end we offer the following:

  • One to One coaching face to face or via Skype
  • Occasional refresher days
  • All of our clients that attend the Keeping Calm Intensive Weekend are entitled to attend a further weekend up to once a year for a 75% discount. Places are limited to one per workshop for this client group.
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