Seminars and Bite Sized Resilience Sessions

All of these sessions are between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours and can be delivered as seminars, lunchtime learning sessions and webinars.

For a long time our clients have shied away from confronting directly our inability to deal with and express feelings of vulnerability. With the work-life emotional landscape changing so radically the appetite and demand is here now.

In this concise and stretching session we help you along a journey of understanding your relationship with feelings of vulnerability, the language you use and how you can, privately, develop a healthy relationship with these complex parts of our emotional health.

An engaging and interactive session that gives you two clear strategies you can use to make an intervention into your relationship with stress and introduces you to the 5 Pillars coaching process and gives you personal insight into your relationship with stress.

Not everyone wishes to deal with stress on an emotional and coaching level. In this engaging and interesting session we look at the physical side of stress and introduce you to interventions you can make to improve your physical resilience.

An interactive and interesting session offering understanding, tips and thought processes that could fundamentally change your relationship with the challenges you face in and out of work.

A comprehensive, insightful and fast paced tour around the psychology of conflict between us humans and what it says about us. Learn what your judgements and criticisms of others tell you about yourself. Understand what assertive behaviour is really about. Find out whether you use your workplace to meet your needs.

An interesting, engaging and practical understanding of how negative thought processes can affect our relationships, performance and health. This talk will deliver two stories and two key processes you can use to improve your outlook on life and enjoy work more.

A deeply insightful trip into the behaviours we all observe in others but may not recognise in ourselves. An interesting, challenging and valuable insight into how relationships between us build and how to make sure they are healthy.

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