Stepping out of Stress

A slowed down, experiential, purely stress focused workshop taking delegates through a series of modules helping them understand stress, where it comes from and its impact on them and others. It includes plenty of practice of the strategies and techniques we share so that they leave the workshop confident they can take action.

What you'll learn

Course description

Stress is everywhere, literally. Despite having a bad name there is such a thing as healthy stress and this carefully constructed workshop takes delegates on a journey to reach a point where they can have a healthy relationship with stress.

Join our expert facilitators in taking a good look at your relationship with stress and how you may be able to improve it.

Benefit from our blend of practical physical interventions and unique self coaching techniques that support you in taking responsibility for this crucial part of your emotional and mental health.

Come prepared to have your thinking challenged and to leave knowing that you have the tool kit available to you to make significant change.

"Hi Julian, even Robert! Now you are a super guru 😉 It was a pleasure and thank you very much for your work."
James Clovis, Country Manager UK Certis Europe
Stepping Out of Stress
"In for seven and out for eleven' truly came into its own as a calming technique as well as visualisation. Thanks very much for giving me the tip and avoiding an unsuspecting radiographer from being assaulted!"
DB, Peterborough
Stepping Out of Stress

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