Essential Emotional Resilience

Our flagship, core workshop, is a 1 day experiential workshop which creates a suitable environment for delegates to explore and understand their relationship with the three key areas that, if not attended to, can undermine their emotional strength. Those being Stress, Self Esteem and Our Feelings.

What you'll learn

Course description

Emotionally resilient teams make emotionally resilient businesses and organisations. Emotionally resilient individuals make calm decisions, are self aware and manage their emotional energy to optimise the value their employer gets from them. As a result they manage workloads, uncertainty and change better.


In this workshop packed with strategies and tactics to improve our emotional health we introduce delegates to the 3 core areas that are the foundations of an emotionally resilient individual. Our facilitators are experts at simplifying complex psychological concepts and delivering our carefully designed self development processes so that delegates can gain awareness, self understanding and the tools they need to move on.

By running this workshop for your teams you are investing in them as individual humans. The benefits they realise will be felt beyond the workplace and will consolidate that important informal employer-employer relationship.

"Essential Emotional Resilience is the workshop that Julian has been supporting us with. The impact has been significant - and one individual has said that it has proven to be life-changing. It is something that we will be including throughout the forthcoming year as part of our Learning & Development programme. I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly supporting and recommending Julian Hall."
Pat Woodfield, HR Director, MWUK Limited
Essential Emotional Resilience
"Everything helped me on this course. I have recently been off with anxiety & depression and have had a hard time dealing with this and the course has given me some amazing tips to move on with and help me with my journey."
Essential Emotional Resilience

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