Where’s your leadership team F…F…F…?


No…I have not developed a stutter

No…I am not swearing 

Any stressful situation can produce a reaction in our amygdala which we know as…





So where is your leadership team?

If we have a healthy relationship with stress (yes we can have one of those) we are likely to have active coping strategies. Ones we use to manage ourselves and keep ourselves in the healthy stress zone otherwise known as the Eutress Zone or Stretch Zone. That nice area outside of our comfort zone where we learn so much about ourselves…and others

Continuing the healthy relationship we may even choose to deliberately push ourselves into the Strain Zone for a short period of time just to get the result we need, or the project over the line.


Where’s the line?

Life has a habit of moving the line though and many of us, even the healthy ones, find ourselves selling ourselves the lie that the line will stay still this time…honestly it will. Really.

COVID19 and it’s pandemic has caused many issues to surface and need dealing with.




Furlough ending


Staff shortages…to name a few

They are stressful.

If you add into the mix that work and life for many are almost boundaryless then personal issues compound business issues and it is a potent mix.


In our work we experience leadership teams in …

Fight: It’s a battle. It’s one we will win. Hold the line, team. 

Imagine thinking every day you are going to battle…that must  be exhausting

Flight: It’s a race against time. We need to avoid X and deal with Y and we need to do it while staying ahead of the competition.

Imagine running a middle distance race at your fastest pace every day.

Freeze: A common experience in this pandemic. Fire fighting. Afraid to make decisions. We can’t spend money on anything.

Imagine feeling stuck every day.


Our fear is not always expressed as stress.

Our cultural inability to deal with feeling vulnerable means In a few cases this has spilled over into conflict. Not open arguments, confrontation and warfare but passive aggressive, politicking of the victim mentality…why am I the only one making all of the sacrifices here?


Back to healthy

Even those of us with super healthy relationships with stress (note this was written from the lotus pose while floating on a sea of cushions overlooking an infinity pool….not) find that we need an awareness check, a toolkit refresh and a little guidance on self care.

If you recognise any of these challenges in your team and are worried that they are in need of a little support we are here.

Because their mental health is your business…and it happens to be ours too.

For an initial no expectations chat contact julian@calmpeople.co.uk.


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