We are living in uncertain times – Get your free uncertainty assessment and report here

The headline of this article is an understatement for many. For many of us, perhaps most of us, these times of uncertainty are unprecedented. This means that very few of us will have the answers and it is essentially down to us to work this stuff out for ourselves.

What are we uncertain of? The answer is pretty much everything at the moment. For many of us it is our health, then add in our income and our job or our business. Lay on top of that the constantly changing advice from the government and …oh yes…the little matter of panic buying.

Have you noticed that panic is more infectious than COVID 19 virus?

Here at Calm People we want to help you develop the coping mechanisms that are healthy for you. This requires a little effort on your part but the rewards are there. They include not having to spend every day queuing at the supermarket with fractious, potentially infectious people, panic buying…because… you won’t be panicking.

We developed an online project which we name My Internal World which  is an online personal emotional health assessment and support hub. It contains within it a comprehensive personal assessment that gives you a report on 7 areas of your emotional health with personalised feedback. To help you develop yourself there are 8 pathways relating to each area of the report with videos and worksheets to support you in your development.

As part of the awareness raising for this brilliant system we devised a complimentary assessment that delivers to you a personalised report on your relationship with uncertainty and then offers you video tips and strategies to develop coping mechanisms. We are living in very uncertain times and this may help. 


To get your complimentary assessment with no need to give any personal details click here


I emphasise, this is complimentary and there is no compulsion to sign up. If you like it though, a share or two on social media would be great.

Meanwhile if it inspires you to take care of your emotional health while you work from home the membership packages are priced very reasonably already at £10 per month, £20 per quarter or £50 per annum. For organisations there are bulk licence packages available.

If this helps anyone in these uncertain times I will be very pleased.

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