This is the time of year for change. Choose yours carefully

managing stress and giving you choice

This is often a challenging time for people who are interested in our work but who have not managed, yet, to take the important step of working with us. We are in a time where many will be suffering the post festive hangover that has accompanied fraught festivities and family driven, sometimes alcohol fuelled conflict. With the New Year being a traditional time of renewal it is no surprise that this month is the busiest for Divorce lawyers.

Before you throw your relationship in the bin consider the following things –

  • The average legal cost of divorce in England & Wales is £1300 – that, however, excludes the assets divide up, the maintenance payments and the fuel costs spent driving to exchange children.
  • The majority of our clients who attend out Keeping Calm Weekend are there to change and mend a relationship at breaking point. Have a look at our testimonials to see if we help?
  • Read our blogs. There may be articles that will trigger some thoughts in you that may help and prevent your need for such drastic and final action such as divorce.

If you are committed to change then it is never too late to change. If you are so involved in the conflict that you are worried that if you change your partner may not and it’s all a waste, fear not, as you change people change around you.


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