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Health & Third Sector

At Calm People, we have experience of delivering emotional resilience and  anger management programmes to a variety of client groups.  Just some examples:

third sector

Young homeless people – benefit from some strategies for managing their emotions, resolving conflict and looking after their self-esteem.

Recovering addicts – benefit from understanding how to experience all their emotions, without looking for bypasses (substances, alcohol, food, etc).

Long term unemployed people – appreciate the opportunity to learn new strategies for managing conflict at work, raising their self-esteem, and coping with new challenges.

Health care staff – need assistance in managing the stress and pressures, handling the conflicts in their teams, and with clients, and finding a new vocabulary for their emotions.

Our courses can be delivered within your organisation, in half day or whole day sessions, depending on your needs.  We can also help your staff on an individual basis, including HR assessments, courses and reports.  Call or email to discuss your specific needs.