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The Facilitators

Calm People was formed early 2013 to harness the complementary skills of two experienced and influential facilitators. Since then it has become so much more.

Due to her other work commitments Paula Backen now works with Calm People as a senior associate while Julian Hall continues to drive the business and deliver innovative and exciting programmes from Calm HQ or in businesses around the country.

As Calm People has grown we have developed a network of highly qualified and trained facilitators who they call on to deliver projects that demand scale. These facilitators deliver Calm People training programmes to the exacting standards demanded by their clients and the values and beliefs of its founders.

With more than 20 years experience working in challenging corporate environments and dealing with change programmes, Julian has gained extensive experience in counselling, facilitation and training techniques.  Julian has an MBA from Nottingham Business School, has trained with the British Association of Anger Management and is an experienced and qualified practitioner of established coaching tools such as Myers Briggs.

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Paula Backen

Currently providing Emotional Resilience and Anger Management programmes across the UK to public, corporate and educational establishments, Ms Backen has a professional background in Communication Therapy for over 30 years.  With experience in facilitation in both public and private sector organisations, she has a flexibility of approach to each team and individual she works with.

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Leigh McKay

By nature an entrepreneur, a self-starter and having established and run a number of different businesses, is motivated by learning new things and making a difference. Leigh operates a wellness company, the focus of which offers programmes, enabling your team to enjoy a productive and meaningful occupation and lifestyle.

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Rachel Hayward

An experienced and resourceful Business Coach & Consultant who has demonstrated strong commercial capabilities with a positive encouraging ethos. Rachel builds robust complementary relationships through her networks, has a genuine interest in people, their business and how they can work together.

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Fiona Moore

Fiona is a qualified coach, facilitator and leader of teams, working with both individuals and teams to drive higher performance, authenticity and greater engagement. She has enjoyed a career over the last 25 years with progressive growth in leadership development and talent management. She has done roles leading the talent & leadership development function, designing & facilitating programmes for a number of large organisations – operating with middle & senior leaders across all disciplines. Most recently she has applied her development skills to developing talent & succession processes for organisations coupled with development of HiPo programmes and career management.

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Tom Hemmings

Tom has been investing in personal development for 20 Years through coaching, management and leadership.  He is a trainer and coach with 13 Years experience at large corporate environments and with 10 years experience as a sports coach. His experience at the number 1 place to work (Times top 50 places to work awards 2013 and 2014) combined with his own personal development journey has inspired him to become what he is today….an outstanding coach and facilitator

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Vicky Bailey

Energetic and passionate that all people have the ability to be brilliant at whatever they want to do, Vicky works with individuals and teams to enhance performance, focusing on emotional intelligence and resilience and behavioural management. Her skill lies in getting clients to flourish by drawing out their signature strengths. She provides a client lead solution to skill, behaviour and cultural development, with extensive experience in change and transition developing individual’s ability to maximise and deliver to their potential

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Sarah Paine

Sarah left university with a entrepreneurial mindset and a determination to develop others. She has cleverly combined these two drivers to set up and run her own business 4 years ago and now employs 5 facilitators. Sarah works at board level with Derby Talks, runs a registered charity for Derby City Council, is a committee member of Derby Choice for Micro Providers. Despite this high level of commitment and activity she manages a work life balance by keeping fit with cross fit and Yoga.

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Tracey Cullen

Tracey gained her degree and immediately set out o make a difference with it. This led her to co-found Inspirative Arts where she and Sarah Paine deliver emotional development programmes for vulnerable adults. Tracey combines a business like pragmatism with a deeply caring nature with the two qualities delivering a successful businesswomen in the care sector. This has led to her and her business partner being named Women of the Year for the Arts in Derby 2014.

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Brigid Wells

A business minded, integrative developmental therapist, coach, facilitator and trainer. Starting in respite care becoming a social worker and moving on to board level roles and consultancy Brigid’s career has been and still is varied. Every role she has carried out has been moving her closer to her vision of providing a rich platform for insight, greater resilience, and a renewed sense of engagement and purpose.

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Helen Akbary

A Mindfulness and NLP practitioner and coach specialising in creating and delivering bespoke self-development training for the Education, Business and health care sectors.  Helen has a background in secondary teaching and has had extensive experience within Education wearing several different hats.

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