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"When we contracted Calm People to deliver some Essential Emotional Resilience Workshops in MWUK we were expecting great things. The feedback, however, exceeded our expectations and we have continued to book more workshops with Calm People because our teams value them so much. This is undoubtedly a combination of well-designed material and Julian's expert facilitation. Try Calm People. We did not realise what we were missing, until we did so.”
Pat Woodfield, HR Director, MWUK Limited
Essential Emotional Resilience
Hi Julian

Great to meet you yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks again for your thought provoking session. I left the venue feeling relaxed and able to drive home with a clarified view of the things I’m currently trying to deal with. So on a personal level – thank you.

I’ve also received a number of phone and verbal messages from the group this morning, here’s a few….

‘I feel clearer and calmer about what I need to achieve, but also determined’

‘yesterday morning I was feeling really anxious about a conversation I need to have, now I’m going to breath and use the 5 pillars to support me doing this’

‘Wouldn’t have believed before actually having a go that the breathing thing would work – but it does!’

‘I felt quite emotional, bit teary actually. At the same time I felt ok about it, reflective’

‘I feel amazing and ready to take on the world!’
Susan Woolhouse - L&D at Clarks
4 Strategies & 5 Pillars of Stress
Everything helped me on this course. I have recently been off with anxiety & depression and have had a hard time dealing with this and the course has given me some amazing tips to move on with and help me with my journey.
Essential Emotional Resilience
"Julian is very articulate and charismatic presenter with some really beneficial information and advice that everyone can learn from."
TS Derbyshire
Essential Emotional Resilience
I really think all people should be on this workshop
TP - Encore Personnel
Essential Emotional Resilience
This will help you deal with your terrible job!! Especially for my teacher friends.
JC - Burton upon Trent
Essential Emotional Resilience
"I would say that it was a very rewarding workshop and would recommend it to anyone"
CL - North Lanarkshire
Essential Emotional Resilience
Great programme relevant to all professional sectors
JW - Telford
Essential Emotional Resilience
Hi Julian,

D here, self labelled stress head - yellow jumper, front table at the Clarks session you ran at the principal, Manchester. I hope you don’t mind the mail – but in the absence of the feedback forms just yet – I wanted to add my personal thanks for the session whilst it’s fresh on my mind.

A lifetime worrier and Overthinker. I’ve pretty much come to accept it’s part of who I am – but two big things I gained from listening to you was - it’s my negative association with the word stress that means I probably talk myself down when I label me a stress head! I’m embracing the Eustress!

The second part was around the Pillars exercise – Approval was the theme for me, and you’ve actually made me identify that a huge source of my stress is linked to a need for validation. I may not have the fix just yet – but the want to manage it has been heightened. I’ve enjoyed practising the coaching exercise today to explore some of my other stresses.

Thank you for your ideas, but also your openness, and engagement in our Drive cohort.
I’ve taken real learnings from the afternoon, and look forward to seeing you back with us later in the programme

D - Store Manager - Clarks
4 Strategies & 5 Pillars of Stress
This is the best course I have been on. I believe I will take so much away and practise
ZD - Encore Personnel
Essential Emotional Resilience
"It's an eye opener – really makes you look at yourself from the outside in."
DD - Derbyshire
Essential Emotional Resilience
We asked delegates of our Essential Emotional Resilience course... "If you were to recommend this workshop to someone what would you say...?"

  • "That it is very insightful and relevant and I have been on similar courses which have been patronising but this was delivered in such a way that it was relevant to everyone."

  • "You won't believe how little you know about yourself."

  • "Really good at thought-provoking. Great tips on how to look at how you deal with stress and self-esteem."

  • "That I am the biggest cynic and went in with a pretty closed mind but actually took a lot away with me."

  • "Excellent course that opens your mind to your true underlying thoughts about your own feelings and how it affects others around you at home and at work."

  • "Just go, brilliant!!"

  • "I would definitely recommend and come with an open mind but expect to be challenged emotionally...something I wasn’t expecting."

  • "This is the best training course I have been on in 10.5 years that I have been at LV."

  • "A good opportunity for self-reflection in a safe environment. I found the content and the tools highly relevant and the workshop was delivered in an interactive and enjoyable format."

  • "I will recommend this course to my colleagues as I believe it will help us as a team to communicate better and not take things personally."

  • "Insightful and soul baring but extremely useful. I'm going to give myself 5 minutes every day without distraction just for me."

  • "Do it!!"

  • "The course was brilliant and it would be so useful if more people could attend it."

Course delegates
Essential Emotional Resilience
"Julian was incredibly engaging & made it a very safe environment. .....it was one of the best workshops I have been on in 18 years of working"
LM Bournemouth
Essential Emotional Resilience
Hi Julian,

Thanks for your message and for connecting. I had a fantastic day yesterday, it was definitely a course highlight. I’m by nature a largely unemotional person and so wasn’t sure what the session was going to look like. The coaching format has given me a key to unlock the side of me that hasn’t before been able to give the best emotional advice or to ask the right Qs. Sharing with my mgmt team next week in our 1-2-1’s and definitely eager for the next session you do with Clarks.

Thank you
Sam - Store Manager - Clarks
4 Strategies & 5 Pillars of Stress
One of the best courses I've attended (not just with LV=) Julian made the environment very easy to open up and share, encouraged questions, made you feel comfortable and relaxed. Would highly recommend to others looking to benefit in building the personal toolkit.
Essential Emotional Resilience
"Helps you look at stress and self-esteem from a different angle."
CJ, London
Performing Under Pressure (Schroders)
"Very open and honest discussions around an awkward topic. Non-judgemental - really worth attending"
SM, London
Performing Under Pressure (Schroders)
"What helped me most was to realise that I need to accept that I am the one who needs make changes in order to reduce my stress levels and to improve my working environment. Lots of things to think through."
KM, Essex
Performing Under Pressure (Schroders)
Hi Julian,

Thanks so much for yesterday, whilst I’ve explored some mindfulness and brain re training before, your session really had an instant impact on me. I felt much more energised yesterday (which after a 2 day learning experience is pretty rare for me!) and felt much more relaxed today at work and actively put me first today which ultimately had a great impact on me and my team. I’ve shared your coaching technique with my management team today, whilst respecting their confidentially, I wanted to let you know it blew them away and really helped me connect with them on a level that I’m not sure we have been on before! Thanks doesn’t really do it justice. Look forward to exploring your site, seeing updates and meeting you again later in the year
AR - Clarkes
4 Strategies & 5 Pillars of Stress
"Good overview of emotional intelligence. You don't get this sort of education very often if at all and we need more of it. Thanks."
SC, London
Performing Under Pressure (Schroders)
"A really well thought out workshop from a person who has been on the journey and now wishes to help others."
JP, London
Performing Under Pressure (Schroders)
"Just want to say again I thought yesterday’s workshop was really great. I almost cancelled but so pleased I didn’t because I learned things that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and can’t believe how timely this was for me. So thank you!"
DD, London
Building Emotional Resilience
"...By the way, if you could see the emails that our little group from Tuesday have been sending to each other you’d be amazed...and probably extremely chuffed.

M hasn’t stopped smiling and said he’s just dying to tell everyone, I had the best day for a long time yesterday and was grinning like a Cheshire Cat myself, and L has just sent us all a list of suggestions for reading material etc. that he’s found. C said something wonderful DID happen to her yesterday - and I found myself having lovely conversations with colleagues and clients, and feeling so happy all day!

It’s almost like a little support group that you’ve managed to create. How long it’ll last I don’t know, as I know people get distracted and get busy. But I just wanted to tell you what an impact the course has had in such a short space of time, on a group of strangers who now feel as though we’re the only ones privy to some marvellous secret!

Have a good day Julian, I certainly plan to?"
MC, London
Building Emotional Resilience
"Hope you don’t mind me emailing. I attended your understanding anger training at on Thursday last week and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for such a fantastic course. I'm not exaggerating when I say I left feeling empowered and with a completely different outlook. My Husband and I have been having a few problems lately and I was beginning to wonder whether we were coming to the end of the road. But after your session on emotional needs, I went home and we for the first time had a really honest and open conversation about what we want and need from each other and ourselves. You may just have saved my relationship! Or at least given me the knowledge and tools to be able to make positive and long lasting changes.

Once again, thank you so much for what was the best course I have attended in a long while."
SW, Worcester
Understanding Anger in Organisations
"Hi Julian, even Robert! Now you are a super guru ;-) It was a pleasure and thank you very much for your work."
James Clovis, Country Manager UK Certis Europe
Stepping Out of Stress
"A quick note of thanks. I've just had an MRI scan and anybody who knows me would severely doubt my ability to spend 15 minutes in a metal tube without completely flipping out.

'In for seven and out for eleven' truly came into its own as a calming technique as well as visualisation. Thanks very much for giving me the tip and avoiding an unsuspecting radiographer from being assaulted!

DB, Peterborough
Stepping Out of Stress
"A wonderful empowering course."
JH, Derbyshire
Stepping Out of Stress
"Would definitely recommend this workshop. Thanks Julian."
LM, Herts
Stepping Out of Stress
"I first saw Julian as a guest speaker at an event in Huntingdon where he spoke alongside the BBC. I just had to engage him for my events as he has a fantastic presence on the stage.

Excellent, Motivational, Gripping, Clear and Concise, Engaging, are just some of the comments and feedback I have received from attendees at the events he has been involved in. You can see for yourself by booking on one of my events or contacting him directly to book him for yourself.

His understanding and knowledge of health and wellness in the workplace and how to control stress levels is second to none. It's an honour to have him involved with my events!"
Sean Hewitt, Owner at Unique Business Services
Public Speaking
It was worth doing and really makes you think about yourself and how you deal with things.
Essential Emotional Resilience
Full of so much fab advice. Can help anyone in any aspect of their life
Essential Emotional Resilience
It was a great day that made me think about myself and how I can become a calm more positive person. Was great doing it with other members of staff to see that you are not the only one with stress or worries.
Essential Emotional Resilience
What helped me the most was...."the realisation that I am my own tool in order to move forward in life with a positive manner and the tools that will allow me to achieve the above.....it is really worth the time and consideration. An Amazing Experience"
Essential Emotional Resilience
Thank you for your session. I am definitely going to take on board all the strategies
LH - Alexandra
Essential Emotional Resilience
I was reluctant to come but very much appreciate your help
HM - Alexandra
Essential Emotional Resilience
Even if you don’t experience stress or have issues with self esteem it is still worth experiencing
SS - Coventry
Essential Emotional Resilience
It was more helpful than I first expected.
TR - Burton On Trent
Essential Emotional Resilience
Excellent day. Very actionable content. Well paced. You'll be surprised at how useful you find this
RDJ - Burton On Trent
Essential Emotional Resilience