Paula Backen



Currently providing Emotional Resilience and Anger Management programmes across the UK to public, corporate and educational establishments, Ms Backen has a professional background in Communication Therapy for over 30 years.  With experience in facilitation in both public and private sector organisations, she has a flexibility of approach to each team and individual she works with.


Skill Set

Facilitation, training, coaching, chairmanship, management of diverse multidisciplinary teams, professional skills in speech & language therapy, anger management and legal intermediary fields.

Professional Experience

Speech & language therapist,NHS Manager, Data Systems manager in FTSE company, Interview panel member for extensive professional roles Managing Director of IT Services company, Chair of Third Sector organisation, Anger Management Consultant, Emotional Resilience Trainer, Registered Intermediary in Criminal Courts.



BSC Hon 2.1 Speech & Language Therapeutics MSc Acquired Communication Disorders Diploma in Anger Management Registered Intermediary for Ministry of Justice Solution Focussed Therapy