Helen Akbary

Helen Akbary


A Mindfulness and NLP practitioner and coach specialising in creating and delivering bespoke self-development training for the Education, Business and health care sectors. Helen has a background in secondary teaching and has had extensive experience within Education wearing several different hats. Accustomed to working in fast moving, chaotic, highly strung and complex environments Helen has developed a unique talent for delivering the material in a no nonsense, non-fluffy way making it accessible and appropriate for all participants. In 2006, she began studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and later Mindfulness to assist individuals with emotional barriers to achievement, initially on a one to one basis. She then started combining the different skills to create group sessions and courses for both schools and other organisations. In 2015, she developed the Optimising Exam Performance program for pupils about to sit exams which looks at specific stress and anxiety around exams and teaches how to get into the most resourceful state to achieve the best results possible. The course has proved very popular and received much positive feedback. She is currently working on developing a program for sufferers of chronic pain.


Skill Set

Leadership, personal and business coaching, Team Coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Change Management & project management.


Professional Experience

15 years working in secondary school teaching followed by extensive training before setting up her own company in 2016.



Batchelor of Arts Neuro-linguistic programing practitioner, time line therapist and coach (NLP) Hypnotherapist- certificate in clinical hypnosis ( CCHYP) Mindfulness teacher/trainer stress reduction and cognitive therapy (MBSR, MBCT) Reference point therapist- (RPT).