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Due to the demand for our services in organisations and the resulting limited availability  Calm People are currently not planning to run any open subscription taster events.

Should you be interested in inviting Calm People in to run a taster event for your organisation please complete the form below and one of our team will contact you to discuss when we may be able to run one and the prices we charge.

Meanwhile, we continue to run events in conjunction with key business partners one of which is below which may be of interest to you. If you are interested then follow the links to book on via Eventbrite.

Managing stress can be stressful

When did any of us really expect an easy life?

Most of us realise that if we wish to achieve the goals we set ourselves then stepping out of our well documented  comfort zones is a must. Even those of us who don’t have plans for world domination still find that life can get complicated and managing those complications is not easy, either as an individual or as an employer.

Here at Calm HQ we do a lot of work helping organisations and their employees manage their Emotional Resilience. A key part of this, and actually the biggest body of work we deal with, is helping the individual reposition their relationship with stress with the blessing of the employer. This is easier said than done, requires dedication commitment and skill. With the right help and the best toolkit, however, it can be achieved.

I have been getting a lot of questions from employers and employees alike about how to manage stress specifically in the workplace. The truth of the matter is that we have to take a whole life view on this subject since as humans we bring stress from home into the workplace and vice versa. We can’t help that and it is the nature of being human.

The workplace, however, is where we have statistics that make interesting reading….

  • The cost to the UK Economy of Sickness & Absence in total is £9.4 Billion of which the percentage made up by stress is 43% (Health & Safety Executive 2014/15)
  • 23 days is the average number of working days lost per case of stress (HSE 2015)
  • The average cost of replacing a departing staff member £30614 (Research by Oxford Economics and income protection providers Unum 2014)


Whichever way you view those statistics stress has a big impact on the workplace and that is before we even start to explore the human impact upon those suffering it and those impacted by those suffering with stress.

That is why I agreed to talk about Managing Stress In The Workplace.

Tuesday 18th October in association with Alexander Accountancy I will be at

Branston Golf & Country Club

Burton Road


Burton upon Trent

View Map

 17:30 – 20:30

There is a charge of £15 for this event.

You would expect to pay for some great networking.

You would expect to pay to learn

You would expect to pay for food.

This event has all three of these in abundance which makes it amazing value.

There are limited places available so early booking is advised via this Eventbrite link.

By choosing to join us you will be committing yourself to learn the following –

  • The key contributors to stress in the workplace
  • The impact of stress in both numbers and behaviours
  • What you can do to manage stress from an employers perspective
  • What individuals can do to manage their stress
  • What we see as the employee/employer contract of responsibility for managing this 20th Century disease

To get your place to network, enjoy good food and gain some real insight book here

Whether you are plotting world domination from your chair whilst stroking a white cat or simply wish to get through each day knowing you made a difference stress will affect us all.

To book onto this valuable event click here.



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