The purpose of this stress test is to help you map out your levels of stress through 10 different areas of your life. The scores are not absolute. This is self reported data and the scale you choose is what makes a difference to you. Two people, therefore, could be equally stressed in the same area but have different scores simply because their personal scale is different.

We advise people to consider the graph as a whole and work on reducing stress for themselves in the areas that stand out. They can also be considered in relation to each other. As an example, if you have low scores for every area except two then for you those are the areas to reflect on. Below is some guidance as to where each area directs you. These can only be guidance and what each area means to you is dictated by what you made each question mean to you.


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My Physical Health

Stress takes a toll on your physical ability. If you have a high score in this area it is an indicator of stress in other areas of your life that may be impacting upon you physically. Also, for many of us, how we feel physically affects our stress levels and our ability to deal with stress.

Feeling in control

For a lot of us feeling out of control is stressful. For many the act of staying in control consumes a lot of time and energy as we try to take control of areas of our life where we may have none.


This indicates whether you are comfortable with the feelings that you have. It involves you giving yourself permission to feel how you are feeling without shaming yourself or suppressing your feelings. It also indicates whether stress is leading to your feelings overwhelming you.

Weight Management

This is a common stress area in this day and age. It indicates how healthy your relationship with eating is and whether this is a cause of stress. Stress can cause you to lose weight or to gain it. Shame associated with how and what you eat is also a factor here.

Being Part of Something

Belonging is a basic need. This is closely linked to self esteem and whether or not you are able to connect with others. It may result from a fear of intimacy. Do you push people away from you?

Close Relationships

Similar to Belonging this is about your ability to be in a relationship and to cope with the demands that a relationship places upon you. Also closely linked to how highly you value yourself.

Life Achievement

Do you judge yourself against others? Are you satisfied with your place in the world? Dealing with the stress you create in this area will enable you to appreciate you, your place in life and who you truly are. Many people with issues in this area think that they will lose their “edge” if they deal with this. It is in fact the opposite.

Self Respect

This is the anxiety caused by behaving in ways that conflict with your own values and beliefs. This may be your work or your friendship groups that cause this conflict in you.


This is to do with your ability to accept things that you cannot change. Those who are sensitive to injustice will cause themselves to live in a world of black and white and right versus wrong. It is about taking responsibility for your actions and not blaming others.

A Stimulating Life

This is about whether or not you are enjoying life. Whether your life is challenging and getting you down or challenging and inspiring. It may revolve around your job or what you do outside of your work.

What next?

This, as with any test, simply gives you more information to work with. Everything in life is about choice. You can choose to do nothing. You can choose to call us and discuss how appropriate a workshop may be for you. You may simply find the limited insights generated by the test help you deal with stress better. Whatever you choose we are happy that you visited our site and took advantage of this test.

If you would like to find out about our workshops or 1-2-1 work you can get more information here for individuals, or here for organisations.