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Short Sessions

Bite sized lunch & learn sessionsNot all of our clients can afford the intensity and the cost of releasing teams for a half, one or two-day workshop. We get regular requests for short sessions or lunch & learn sessions.

These can be delivered to groups numbering 15 to 500. The format can be engaged workshop style with breakout sessions or lecture style with minimum audience participation. We are regularly asked to address conferences and enrichment days.

Whatever suits your environment, learning culture and desire for participation.

Below is a selection of some of the more requested sessions

Emotional Resilience -The whole picture

Rising to the challenge – Dealing with workplace pressure

The 5 Pillars of stress

Understanding workplace conflicts

The power of positive programming

Understanding Workplace behaviour from an emotional viewpoint

Adult conversations – The methods we adopt and the reason why we avoid them

Understanding Anger

Happiness in the modern world