Reinventing The Resolution? No Thanks

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Each year I sit down, taking my responsibility very seriously as the personal development “guru” that I pretend to be and think about New Year’s Resolutions. I strive to think of wise words that will help all of those that are committing themselves to change at this time of year.

Then I reflect that I have written about this a few times before. Is there anything else to write? 

For me, not really. But it is worth bringing what I have written to the front of mind again.

Reinventing the resolution

I prefer not to reinvent what I have already written when it is already a matter of record on this site. Instead I will direct you to the articles that I have been proud to share in the past and will do so again.

These articles are New Year – Old Me and New Year – Old Resolutions, 3 Rules for your New Year Resolutions and The Power of “ish”

I hope they help you. If they don’t, the chances are that any other effort I could have put in to guide your thought processes would not have worked either, thus my brevity is appropriate.

Whatever a wonderful 2023 means to you I wish it for you.


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