Please help us spread the hugs

I’d like your help…..on the Monday 19th January. I’d like you to spread the love…..I’m talking about hugging.

Did you know that hugging someone you trust helps your body release Oxytocin which helps reduce anxiety and fear i.e. stress.

Monday 19th of January is officially Blue Monday…theoretically most depressing day of the year.

Here at Calm People we want to combat that by increasing the nation’s Oxytocin levels by getting as many people hugging as possible.

It’s quite easy really. Find someone you trust. Get a hug going. Get a photo taken and post on social media nominating 3 people you know to hug someone else and play their part in increasing the nation’s oxytocin levels.

Just to be clear. This is not a charity nomination event. It is about looking after ourselves and improving the health and wellbeing of others.

Please share……please share the hugsHug 5


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