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Paula Backen

After completing specialist training in Anger Management with The British Association of Anger Management, Paula has specialised in the field since 2010.  This is a natural development from over 30 years professional work in the field of communication therapy.  She is most passionate about the ability we all have to develop healthy emotional management and change our lives and relationships for the better.

She believes that her experience both as a parent and in her varied career as a business owner, therapist and hospital manager, give her the insight to help.    Over twenty years practising as a communication therapist, mostly with adult clients who have neurological / psychiatric conditions, she has experience of delivering a wide variety of training programmes both in groups and on an individual basis.   Her work as a therapist has been strongly influenced by solution focussed therapy and she is keen to encourage her clients to draw on their own strengths to find ways to express their anger more assertively, with the help of the tools and strategies developed through her study and clinical experience.

She has gained many insights into her own skills through parenting two daughters over the past twenty-five years.  She recently stepped down from a voluntary chairmanship role with Birmingham Cruse Bereavement Care.  Originally a Londoner, and having spent many years living in the East Midlands, she arrived in Birmingham City Centre just a few years ago, and believes she has discovered one of the best kept secrets – how fabulous Birmingham is!! She also works as a court intermediary for vulnerable defendants across the UK.