The Resilience Coasteering Challenge – How high can you go? | Calm People

The Resilience Coasteering Challenge – How high can you go?

Available from Easter to October

Learning to deal with stress is about developing a different relationship with fear and with yourself. This team build experiential workshop combines a powerful Emotional Resilience one day workshop with an overnight stay and half day team activity the next day that will test the limits of your relationship with fear and increase the bonds between team members.

This 1 ½ day team build combines Emotional Resilience with practical application of aspects of the workshop in an outdoor activity.

Watch your team –

Bond through joint understanding, empathy and emotional learning.

Support each other through a series of physical challenges

Learn in a challenging and safe environment in the hands of experts.


Day 1

Calm People Essential Emotional Resilience Workshop

A one day workshop dealing with core resilience subjects namely stress and self esteem delivered in an experiential workshop style.

Core content is as follows –


  • Recognising it
  • Its implications
  • Where it comes from
  • It’s impacts
  • The 5 Pillars of Stress – Our Unique 3 pronged strategy for dealing with and taking responsibility for stress in the short, medium and long term.

Self Esteem

  • Understanding our emotional needs
  • Understanding our coping mechanisms and behaviours
  • Taking responsibility for our own needs
  • Taking things personally
  • Reversing negative programming

Commitment to action

Delegates commit to adopting their choice of 6 strategies and tactics for building their emotional strength going forwards

Day 2

Go wild swimming, traverse rockfaces, climb sheer cliffs and jump into the lake

Team conflict workshops

A ½ day quarry coasteering workshop consisting of a morning in the water with qualified professional instructors building the size of the challenge step by step. Confront your fear in a practical, challenging and safe environment whilst enjoying the support and camaraderie of a team behind you all the way.

Calm People’s venue of choice is an inland quarry which holds the following advantages

  • Sessions will NEVER be cancelled at short notice due to tides or weather
  • No sharing of cliffs with any other operators so there’s no overcrowding
  • Tailored a coasteering session to suit all skill levels. (You must be 10 or over and able to swim 100m unaided.)
  • AALA registered (L9427/R1954), there’s a safety boat on the water and instructors guide you all the way.


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