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Are you wondering how to manage the stress levels in your team?  Stripped back to the minimum staffing, the pressure on individuals to reach targets, keep to standards, and continue to get some work-life balance is ever more difficult.  Multiracial Hands Making a CircleWith training budgets limited, return on investment is essential.  However, if you continue to training in technical and professional skills without investing in the emotional resilience of the individual, all will be lost through poor retention, sickness and absence and poor team working.

Calm People will work with your staff at all levels on emotional resilience, managing conflict, handling their stress and finding perspective.  We have a stress audit tool and an evaluation scheme which allows you to measure before-after functioning and we offer a money back guarantee on the workshops that we run

Calm People can tailor our programmes for your organisation.  Choose from the following links which is nearest to your needs, or give us a call to discuss the best next step:

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We were interviewed during a break at a conference and asked to define what we mean by emotional resilience. Watch this 30 second video clip (of Julian when he had hair) to hear our answer.