One to One Coaching | Calm People

One to One Coaching

One to One coachign is available at Calm PeopleNot all of our clients appreciate the benefits of working on their emotional development in a group.

For those in that position there is always one to one work.


We provide one to one work in the following ways –

Face to face




Our hourly rate for one to one work is £150.00

We are happy to talk to you and give you an estimate of how many sessions we feel may be appropriate

General subjects covered in no particular order are


Self esteem

Our judgemental & Critical nature

Taking things personally

Having adult conversations

The impact the past has on the present

Reducing drama in your life

Dealing with feelings

If you wish to have an assessment interview to ascertain whether we and you are suitable to work together we charge £85.00

To have a brief informal confidential chat to work out if one to one work is better for you or to book an assessment interview either call 01332 869211 or email