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My Internal World

The world of emotional resilience and emotional health is increasingly being helped in it’s reach by the use of the internet. Here at Calm People we felt it was appropriate that we would have an online offering that would compliment our ethics, standards and approach.

My Internal World provides tools, strategies and coaching developed by wellbeing experts to help with all areas of your emotional health. To learn more click here.

They provide a comprehensive emotional wellbeing assessment and you get your own detailed report with lots of rich personal feedback to help you discover what’s going on for you and help you decide what to do next.

They back this up with pathways that match each area of the report, and more, so that you can develop yourself whenever and however you wish to.

This is coupled with daily check in ability, progress monitoring, premium articles and book recommendations.

It is suitable to individuals or organisation use and this resource is currently being piloted by one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK to support their employees’ emotional health and it is also undergoing research proposals with Nottingham University.

To learn more, try out a mini personal assessment on your relationship with uncertainty and to watch informative videos click here.