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The Story So Far

My Wellbeing Choices

The Story Every great idea starts with a story doesn’t it? This is no different. Where we do differ though is that this is not a particularly exciting story. It is simply the story of a team of specialists delivering a great product to clients that really benefit. It is the story of talking to and listening to clients and finding out that their needs are changing. It is about the increasing need for organisations of all sizes, who realise their employees really are their greatest asset,  to recognise that engaging with their team’s emotional development as well as their skill development is a natural extension of the merging of the work life balance to become life balance.   This is the story of discussion between clients and Calm Execs about how the workshops and wellbeing initiatives already provided could be scaled up and delivered to diverse groups of individuals and teams who are often spread across many geographical locations. This is the story of harnessing the power of the internet to distribute a wealth of tips, strategies and workshop content through the medium of video and empowering whole workforces to improve their emotional and physical well being through the informed choices they make.

The story….Leigh McKay of Calm Execs was having a lot of conversations with clients and prospective clients. They loved the feedback they got from their delegates at Calm Execs workshops and they wanted more for their teams. They were becoming increasingly interested in the whole human rather than specific aspects such as physical health. They were asking questions around emotional health, the connection with mental health, how the quality of nutrition we put in affects our resilience and what part exercise plays in this whole complex jigsaw. They wanted to know how we could deliver insights in these areas to large populations and still maintain the quality of input and the results they required.

This is what Leigh came up with My Well Being Choices A year long internet delivered weekly wellbeing insights programme using video lessons filmed by experts in fields of Emotional Resilience, Exercise for Energy, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Mental Health and Positive Psychology. Life learning that fits in with the internet age, the generation Y work style and the need for engagement on all levels to maintain well being in the 21st Century.

This is what we have been developing and what we would like to share with you.

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