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My Internal World

Here at Calm People we have long recognised the importance of a comprehensive offering to meet a whole range of needs of the different organisations we work with.

The latest, and possibly the most significant, addition to our range is My Internal World.

We have spent the last 2 years developing a comprehensive emotional health assessment that delivers to you a detailed and personalised report on your emotional health. We tested it on over 550 people and the results were so good we went on to design and develop 8 different emotional development pathways with animated videos and voice overs in them to help you build your emotional strength.

This has been a huge project for us and one designed to change the way we work.

Individuals can get a personalised assessment and in-depth report across seven key areas of their emotional health accompanied by a handy red, amber, green scoring system. Based on their report and their own discretion they can watch 40 different animations across 8 different pathways and work on any of the 7 key areas of their emotional health.

Employers can set their whole organisation up on this system, no matter how big or small, and gain valuable anonymous management information that will enable executives and wellbeing teams to make decisions on future interventions based upon the emotional health picture of their company.

If employee engagement and pulse surveys are the technology and the drivers of change now, this is the future as executives understand that an emotionally healthy organisation is effective, change orientated and resilient.


Click here to take a look at My Internal World, take the uncertainty assessment and receive your complimentary report to see how it all works. Or, ask us for a free pass to explore the system and get your own detailed, personalised emotional health assessment and see why it prompts responses like this…


“Just wanted to give a bit of feedback – I have taken the assessment and I have to say the report was almost creepily spot on!  Great bit of kit you have there!”


To get your no obligation demo of the management information and the way the system works contact