Mental Health Awareness Week – Nature and beyond


You may or may not be aware that it is Mental Health Awareness week taking place 10th-16th May.

The theme this year is nature. There is no doubt that through the tumultuous year we have all been through together, and separately, getting out and trying to enjoy what nature has to offer has both become important to us, and has had a positive impact.

That said, we are here to emphasise that if you don’t have easy access to nature you can still take action to help your emotional health.

We asked some clients what the main challenges they were facing in the workplace and the top 5 issues that were identified in our small survey were…

  • Not enjoying the working day as much as we could do
  • Big work projects and feeling daunted by them
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Not making ourselves and our health a priority
  • Finding time to relax each day

Sensing that there may be some common themes in these we decided to make some resources available for mental health awareness week to support everyone who needs them.

From Monday 10th May we will make available 5 Guided Visualisations, one for every day, that will help you start to get to grips with each of these issues above.

They are…

With the exception of the last one, which is all about relaxation, each one starts off with deep relaxation exercises before taking you to a place where you can visualise yourself dealing with these issues and building your resilience. The last one is just a pure relaxation exercise to give you just the daily boost you need.

Click on the link embedded in each one to download them and listen to them in your own time (best with earphones and lying down).

Many people find guided visualisations really helpful in their journey to challenge some areas of faulty thinking that they have developed subconsciously. That does not mean they work for everyone. That is why our online emotional health support service, Inner Calm, uses a range of interventions to help you work on yourself starting with a comprehensive assessment and personalised report.

If you join us you get a new assessment and report available every 28 days and unlimited access to the 8 different development pathways which are packed with videos, worksheets and book recommendations. On top of that you get members only blogs on a wide range of issues and your own personalised dashboard with a daily check in facility.

All that for just £30 per year.

Imagine getting a report that highlights areas you could work on and then directs you to the learning pathway you need to help yourself.

Employers click here if you would like to explore Inner Calm for your teams.