It’s World Mental health Day…Again

World Mental Health's for life not a day

This year’s theme? “Mental Health in an Unequal World”.

What work on your mental health did you do in the last year?

What work on your mental health do you do each month?

What work do you do on your mental health each week or day?

Maybe that’s part of the issue we have…we think of it as work.

I call it looking after myself.

Awareness Days

Awareness days like this are valuable. They only are valuable, however, if following on from the awareness moment, those “ahh” moments, there is action.

Within mental health there are a lot of people raising awareness.

We take it a little bit further.

Our model is as follows – 

  • Awareness
  • Choice
  • Action
  • Habit

Awareness is important and it opens our minds up to the choices we have about the way we behave and the actions we take. It is only once we take action that awareness becomes really valuable and it is only when we have developed new healthy habits that we can say that part of our “work” is done.

The reality is that just like staying physically fit, our mental fitness is a continuous learning process. The moment you think you have learnt all you need to learn is the moment you start down a slippery slope.

So the theme of “Mental Health in an Unequal World” in this context reflects the amount of effort we and others make to take responsibility for our mental health.

What small thing can you do today and repeat tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, that will start to improve your mental health.?

World Mental Health Day, it’s not just for a day.