How to give great hugs

How to give great hugs

This may appear to be a strange post to write but actually there are ways in which you can enhance the benefits of a hug.


Remember, a really good hug helps your body release Oxytocin which is beneficial in reducing fear and anxiety which in turn is good for your health.


If anyone is feeling completely inhibited by the very idea then don’t join in. Hugging is hugely beneficial but research show it is only beneficial if you trust the person hugging you. If you are feeling inhibited i.e. fearful for whatever reason….it won’t work. Still you could find someone you trust and have a go.

Step 1

Find someone you trust and see if they would like a hug. If someone you don’t feel comfortable hugging asks you for a hug be strong enough to say “I’m sorry, I won’t feel 100% comfortable hugging you.” That’s ok and you do not have to justify it.

There is no point hugging someone you don’t trust. In fact research show that doing this has the opposite effect of that which we are trying to achieve here.

Step 2

Show willing – Open your arms and step into the hug.

A good hug is a mutual, engaging, enthusiastic experience. I don’t mean that you have squeeze the life out of someone but look like you want to enjoy it.Hug 1

Step 3

Get yourself comfortable

Be aware of height differences and gender differences. Not all women wish to be hugged tight and touch with the top half of the torso is most appropriate.

Step 4

Breathe in to the hug.

That very act of embracing, pausing and breathing in to the hug is what generates the oxytocin. Stay there as long as feels comfortable for both of you.

Step 5

Disengage and say “Thank you”

You have both given something of yourself. It’s polite to say thank you.


That’s all it takes


Happy Hugging


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