Hide and Seek without the Seek


Do remember a time when your friends played that mean trick on you? You hide and we will come and find you…but they didn’t

We play it with ourselves. I don’t mean physically. That’s impossible. But we play that emotional game quite often, in my experience.

It goes like this…

I have a problem or a feeling that makes me feel uncomfortable. When I say uncomfortable I mean vulnerable. Allowing myself time to experience vulnerability and maybe deal with it is not possible at that time…or so I tell myself. So I push it to one side and get one with whatever is more important than my mental health.

It doesn’t go away though. In fact by pushing it away we have inadvertently held on to it and it keeps popping up in our mind.

Many of us are really adept and well practised at this game. This is the game of hide and no seek.

So where do you hide?

Work?…I’m needed

Home?…I’m safe

Pub?…I’m numb

Social media? I’m someone else

Gaming?…I’m somewhere else

Busyness…I’m distracted

Shopping…I’m worthwhile


These are things we all do. Ask yourself…are they healthy tasks/activities or are they hiding places?

I think we owe it to ourselves to do that uncomfortable piece of self reflection. That often slow, difficult process that doesn’t seem to solve anything but which, if you persevere can lead to you becoming comfortable with your sense of discomfort. 

Hiding from our emotional challenges and discomfort just makes us better at hiding. 

It does not make us healthier, more resilient or happier.

If you would like some help in becoming more self aware and the tools to start work on your emotional health…well you are in the right place

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