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The UK’s first JAUPT registered, CPC hours approved, emotional resilience course for HGV and Bus drivers

· Do you care about your public image on the road?

· Do you care about your drivers health and wellbeing?

· Is Road Rage affecting your bottom line?

(disciplinaries, grievances, legal action, sickness & absence, stress levels and more)

Road Rage 2 This course is a collaboration between European Driver Training Ltd and CalmPeople, delivering life skills that will benefit drivers at work and at home.

“66% of UK drivers have experienced road rage in the past 12 months.”

“83% of UK drivers don’t consider themselves to be Road Ragers.” (Ingenie survey June 2012)

Road Rage 1

Drivers will benefit from
  • · Reduced Stress

  • · Greater confidence

  • · Enhanced morale

Content Overview
  • · Dealing with Stress on the road

  • · Recognising Triggers for Conflict

  • · Conflict Resolution techniques

Your business will benefit from
  • · Meeting CPC targets

  • · Reduced incidents affecting company profile on the road

  • · Reduced staff absence from road-rage related incidents

This course features
  • · 7 hours CPC qualification

  • · Facilitation from experienced Anger Management specialists

  • · Either public courses or in-house with shift-friendly course times


Just £115 per delegate including registration, workbooks and certificates (note this is open registration price only) For team delivery use contact details below to find out more

CALL: 07950 344 658

EMAIL: drivers@calmpeople.co.uk

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