Guest Blog – How To Cope With Stress Before Your Finals

How To Cope With Stress Before Your Finals – Linda Craig

No matter how well prepared you might be for your important final exams, it is

human nature to be nervous and stressed before the big day actually arrives.

Nervousness and even more serious cases of anxiety have been linked to taking

exams for years, with numerous different studies being conducted to pinpoint

reactions and reasons for these feelings. If you are one such person that finds

themselves riddled with worry and stress during exam periods, then take a look at

these handy tips for reducing anxiety levels. We are sure you will find at least one

piece of advice that will be helpful.


1. Embrace The Nerves

The logical timeline of exam anxiety is to be riddled with worry beforehand, go in to

finish the exams, and then feel great afterwards. This same pattern has repeated

itself dozens of times in your school career, so try to embrace the nerves and

constantly remind yourself that these feelings of apprehension are only ever


2. How Do Stress And Anxiety Work?

Stress and anxiety in a person nearly always invokes the ‘fight or flight’ response in

humans. For example, you may enter a dark room, see a tall figure in the corner and

immediately want to run away. However, as soon as you realise that the dark figure

is in fact just a coat on a coat stand, you are immediately put back at ease and have

no worries. Gaining a grasp of this internal ‘stress switch’ is vital to beating finals

panic, and by reminding yourself that it is not the end of world, either by things like

meditation, a herbal tea or even a last minute chat with friends, can help you to

enter the exam hall with a much more open and calm mind than before.


3. Imagine a Plan B

In order to try to take some mental importance off of the two hours of your exam,

make a few plans for the future that do not depend on the success of your grades.

For example, planning a summer holiday with family or friends, or buying tickets to a

popular music festival. And in a more serious sense, you can also plan for might

happen if you don’t do as well in your exams as you had hoped. Making yourself see

that there are options past the exam will take a lot of the debilitating importance


4. Schedule Revision

Something that the writers at

cannot stress enough is the need to schedule proper time for full and extensive

revision. Not even the most gifted students can expect to walk in to an exam with no

preparation and get top marks. The key to being as stress-free as possible when the

day finally comes is to have done so much studying and revision in previous days

that nothing that could come up on the paper could possibly catch you out. Search

online for practise papers in your chosen subject too, that way you will also be

familiar with the way the questions are formatted as well as having all of the

knowledge you need in your head ready to go.


5. Accept That This Is Your Moment

When it gets to the point where you are lined up outside the exam waiting to find

your table, the best thing to do is to try to just let go the stress that has been

building up, because either way it is not going to be helpful at this late stage. At the

end of the day, you cannot possibly have control over what questions are written on

that exam paper, and a lack of control is the key reason for people growing feelings

of stress. Let this feeling of no control wash over you and try to understand that with

your revision and your meditation, you have prepared as well as you could have.


Linda1Linda Craig is an editor. She is currently working on her PhD work and wants to share some tips about organization management in education.


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  1. Wonderful read.

    Also, I’d like to add that no matter how much we prepare for it, we will still feel the jitters. The best solution is to act all confident so that at least people won’t know about our nervousness. 🙂

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