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Site note – Calm People contributed towards a post on the site linked back here a month or so ago. A large amount of the work we do is around relationships and we thought a different viewpoint from the normal one we express was worthwhile hosting. I’d like to place on record my thanks to Kafe for proposing and writing this.


Psychologists believe that the first seven years are the most important years in a relationship. There could be misunderstandings, ego clashes, disagreements, frustration over joblessness, moving, financial problems, lifestyle changes, and so on. But once you have crossed the waters, your life is going to be as sweet as a chocolate.

However, the real challenge is making the first seven years sweet. Recently, famous relationship experts shared their views on the relationship killers affecting the lives of various individuals.


Guide For Long-Lasting Relationship


Here are some simple ways you can lead a happy life after marriage.

  1. Laugh

Laughing is one of the best ever medicines to kill relationship woes. Instead of talking to your wife about your office and business problems all day long, try spending more time talking about the funny and crazy incidents that you saw at your office and less time talking about your problems.  

  1. Learn the love language

Since you are just starting a new relationship, it makes sense to learn the universal love language. Read books on love such as the ‘5 Love Languages’ written by Dr. Gary Chapman. They come from people who have been through it and the lessons are very practical so you can prevent problems before they occur. You will find relationship affirmations, how to communicate differently, tips to spend quality time with your partner, and a lot more!

  1. Give each other space

Once you master the art of giving space to your partner (and yourself), you will find that everything starts working in your favor. Respect your partner’s feelings and give her some time to let the problem heal.

  1. Have the difficult talks

There is no denying the fact that problems do bind couples together. One of the most common problems in households is money. You could have problems if you are hiding your financial problems to your partner or lending money to a friend without her knowledge and struggling to get it back. The best way to avoid any type of relationship problems arising due to finances is to openly talk about it with your spouse. You could have her manage the expenses or have a joint bank account where both parties can view the transactions done.

The next thing to talk freely is kids. Do both of you feel that it’s the right time to have children? Or do you need some time? Talk about it. Also, make sure you both don’t forget your parents. They are getting older, so they definitely need someone to take care of their food, medicine, and other needs. Talk to your wife about handling the responsibility when you’re away from home.   

  1. Make an effort

If you wish to have a long-term relationship success, then you should be ready for some minor sacrifices and compromises to nip off problems in their early stages. Of course, your ego might come in the way but ask yourself which is more important – your ego or your relationship? Again, ego or relationship? By no stretch of imagination, your wife can play a huge positive role in your personal and professional life, but your ego can’t. Let go of it. Practice mind control techniques like meditation and yoga to have a complete control over your emotional feelings.

  1. 6. Be the right person

Keep in mind that marriage is not about finding the right person (there is nothing as right or wrong with people) but it’s about being the right person for your partner. Simple adjustments and better understanding with your partner can help prevent a number of relationship problems. In fact, it’s because of the lack of understanding and adjustment that young couples are getting divorced within months of marriage. It never hurts to raise the white flag for peace to your wife to make your life better, right?

  1. Celebrate and relive the golden moments

Birthdays and anniversaries are great occasions to celebrate with your partner. Why not make it even more special by watching some old photos and videos together? Your wedding anniversary, birthday, the first day you met her, the little surprise gifts she had given you – these are moments you can talk about in order to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.


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