Lawyers CPD

It is some time now since the CPD rules for lawyers changed.

Training providers no longer need to be authorised by the SRA which opens solicitors up to a wider choice and evaluation is not by hours but by outcomes.

Here at Calm People we believe this is a much needed change that has the opportunity to deliver

  • Professional Development that is really targeted to need
  • Innovative learning and development
  • Reduced burden of regulation.

With a fresh new approach will come fresh new ideas

Professional Personal Development for the real world

The workshops that Calm People run would traditionally, by law firms, be considered additional development over and above that which could be recorded as CPD. As one solicitor described it to us “it’s the essential softer skills which tend to get overlooked because SRA registered CPD providers did not or could not provide them.”

Calm People provide programmes that help Law Firms be more effective and more efficient in ever more pressurised and changing business environment.

Why Calm People?

  • We are experts in Emotional Resilience
  • Our continuing association with Lawyers in other parts of our work gives us unique insight into the challenges and issues you face
  • We work with challenging concepts put over in ways that matter to you
  • Its all in the name. People who are calm make better objective decision makers and concentrate better.
do i have anger issues

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Articles about Emotional Resilience & Lawyers

The Law Society asked us to contribute a series of articles to their News Letter.

To read them on the law Society site click the title of each article.

 or click here to read on this site.


Interested in how we conceptualise Stress? This video of a webinar run in conjunction with Law CPD Solutions may help.

Julian Hall speaking about The 5 Pillars of Stress at The Law SocietyFamily Law and the 5 pillars of stress

8th June 2017 Julian Hall will be speaking at a seminar about stress for the Family Law division of The Law Society

Life is not getting any less stressful and never has this been truer than in Family Law. Julian Hall, founder of Calm People, has written about this subject for the Law Society’s Family Section website and will now bring it to life in this engaging seminar. Julian will talk about how stress affects us all, why we have it in our lives, where it may benefit us and offer us insights into how we attract it and manifest its presence in our own life and work. While this is a Family Section seminar no matter what area of law you work in, this subject and the 5 Pillars will resonate with you. Why? Because this is about being human.

This is open to Lawyers of all disciplines. To book your place follow this link

Choose from these example workshops  that can be delivered in your business

  • Building Emotional Resilience


and efficient businesses often face challenges as they improve their performance. Their ability to cope with adversity ultimately defines their level of success they can achieve. Their emotional resilience defines their ability to cope with adversity.

Learn how our perceptions, fears and negative programming affects our performance and how we can shrug off the burden of fear and enjoy the challenge each day.

  • Improving Efficiency Through Honest Communication

The best teams disagree regularly. If there is not conflict then they are too comfortable. Disagreeing with each other is an essential skill and being able to engage in open conflict is something that is anathema to most organisations which holds them back. Frustrations, irritations and politics starts to sap energy away from core functions unless dealt with.

This is a 2 day workshop with ideally a 1 week break built in between each day to allow delegates to assimilate what they learn on day one and review as part of day 2.

  • Understanding Anger for Lawyers

Most solicitors have angry clients. It’s part of what brings them to court. This one day workshop helps you understand anger from a personal point of view also enabling you to empathise with your clients and deal with them better.

  • Dealing with Difficult and Challenging People

Ideal for demanding, high pressured customer led environments where delegates experience regular conflict directed at them by customers.

A 2 day  workshop with ideally a 1 week break built in between each day to allow delegates to assimilate what they learn on day one and review as part of day 2.

Calm Executives

In 2013 in collaboration with 2 other industry specialists Calm People became aware that there was a need for resilience work of a different nature at Senior  Executive Level in organisations. As a result of looking further in to  this area and conducting our own research  we found out the following about senior executive resilience –

  • Senior Executives on balance do hold proportionately more stress than their direct reports.
  • Senior Executes are likely to pay more attention to their line reports resilience issues than their own.
  • If they were to engage in workshops to work on emotional resilience it would not be in the company of their direct team for fear of appearing vulnerable.

Taking this into account we took elements of best practice and combined them with emerging practice to design an executive need specific retreat style workshop with the aim of providing them with the tools and strategies they require to build and maintain their own resilience.

2014 was the pilot year where we took feedback and refined the content. 2015 is the first year of Calm Execs.

For more info click here and go to the Calm Execs website