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First Step

Are you having difficulty with your temper?  Getting frustrated easily or losing your cool more often than you would like?  Or perhaps you often feel angry with yourself , but tend to suppress the feelings?  There may be feelings of shame and embarrassment about your actions, or perhaps depression resulting from the unhealthy covering up of your feelings.

First stepIf any of the above rings a bell with you, or someone you know, you are in the right place.  As many people are realising, recognising and managing your emotions is not simple.  And if you haven’t had the greatest of role models in these areas, either as a child or perhaps as a result of some trauma, it will be difficult to know how best to learn new ways.

And however many times you think, next time will be different, changing patterns of behaviour isn’t so easy alone.  You could read a self-help book, but we believe making these changes is best in the company of others – either in a small group, or if you prefer, 1:1 with a coach/facilitator.  Check out Appointments for your next step.