“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole programme, very thought provoking, interesting and informative. I can confidently say that this has been the best course I have ever been on. Thank you, Paula, Smiling teacher at the school are an inspiration.”
Teacher / Tutor
controlling classroom stress

There’s no doubt that managing the classroom is ever more difficult, and teaching staff need all the resources available.  At Calm People, we believe that first steps are to encourage Emotional Resilience among staff.  When they feel more able to handle the stresses of every term, we can then use similar strategies to model for your learners.  Strategies like getting a perspective, recognising emotions and their triggers, healthy conflict resolution, and listening to others.

We have a range of courses, for staff, for parents and for every age learner.  One day courses within your school start at £975 including workbooks and certificates.  Training staff to deliver anger management programmes takes longer, but can be a cost-effective effective alternative to exclusion and make behaviour management across the school a more realistic prospect.  Involving parents in the process is invaluable and our programmes start at £50 per parent.  Call for more information.  We are happy to pop in for a chat (no obligation) and design proposals to meet your specific needs.  Check also for our public courses run in major cities.

We have worked with individual schools across the UK, through College Leadership Services, and with Teaching Leaders, including special needs and challenging behaviour units.

Recently three hour sessions have been commissioned for small groups of Middle Leaders in Education. This was the summary evaluation of the session, scoring 9.1 out of 10.

“The feedback and the scores for this session were really high across the board. There were multiple mentions of the strategies that the Fellows found useful including clearing the air and the core emotions. There were particular references to their learning around their personal emotional self-assessment, how to cope with stress, how to be more assertive and how to articulate emotion clearly. One Fellow said “I found this both useful and empowering. The best day I have ever had”.

We are proud of what we deliver and are happy to guarantee our work. To know more about our money back guarantee contact us.