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how to control road rageSince the inception of driver CPC training regulations the logistics industry has been struggling with providing training that genuinely meets the need of the drivers, companies that employ them and industry.

Calm People have developed a one-day Emotional Resilience programme that will enable drivers to understand the stresses and strains of driving, deal with the challenges of overcrowded roads and cope with the issues that a changeable world presents.

 Never more than now has the emotional health of the driver meant so much to the organisation they drive for.

To know more download the PDF brochure and feel free to e-mail julian@calmpeople.co.uk

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Latest News June 2017 – Whilst Running this programme we were inspected by JAUPT here’s some of their comments –

“The course was tailored to suit the trainees and the type of work they are currently engaged. The trainer knew the subject matter well, working without notes or a PowerPoint presentation to support him. He used various styles of questions to engage his audience, which were directed to the group. He had complete control of the group from the outset and quickly gained their attention and ensured they remained focused. There were lively discussions and positive interaction and the trainer used an appropriate amount of humour. He was seen to follow the delivery method as specified in the approved course summary. He made good use of the flip chart to explain various aspects of stress. The trainer was confident and remained enthusiastic and demonstrated his skills and experience as a trainer by engaging his audience who were at the outset not overly interested in the subject matter. ……… The course was very well designed and very interactive and professionally delivered by the trainer.”

Given the style of JAUPT reports, this is high praise indeed. In their verbal feedback the auditor stated that in all their years of inspecting workshops this was the first time they had seen a workshop that did not use powerpoint at all.

 Delegate Testimonials

Delegates on these courses are notoriously shy about giving written feedback but one did take the time to sit down and write these words….”I entered this course with some doubt to what it may show me but to be fair my eyes were opened. Thank you.” 

Here is a selection of some more comments that were written down on our feedback forms……..

“Need more training like this help in job and private life as well”

“This brought home a few home truths”

“The trainer was approachable and pleasant the whole time”

“It will make you think of your reactions and the consequences it may have on you and others”

“It is a very useful aid in reducing anger management”

 “It’s more interesting than you’d think”

“Brilliant. Everybody should take this course”

 “It really makes you think about what you can do to improve your life and situation from your outlook”