Did you know it’s International Day of Happiness?


Calm People countdown to our exciting new happiness project

I was at the first Happy Café in Derby this evening to mark the International Day of Happiness – you might have seen us on BBC East Midlands Today! I was there because, as the founder and director of a company which sees the impact of stress and being unhappy and emotionally ‘worn out’ every day, I couldn’t be more pleased to see a local business raising awareness of such an issue so close to my heart, and my business.

As a world, we certainly need to focus much more on happiness, with its proven health benefits on the rest of our lives, and it is, with this in mind, and, given it’s such an important day, I can give you a sneak peak into the future – and it’s happier!

Over the past two years Calm People has been working on a project which will help thousands of people UK-wide define their own happiness and equip them with practical tools and strategies to improve their emotional health. The initiative, which we’ve given a working title of The Happiness Project, will help people just like you take a serious look at the issue of happiness, what happiness means to you and how you can help yourself, or find support, to be happier.

We’re almost ready for launch – although the team hasn’t quite agreed on a name just yet – and before the year is done, our beloved Happiness Project will be ready for you to benefit from. It’s taken two years of love, laughter and hard work by our specialist team of psychologists and other experts to make my happy vision a reality. And I’m proud to say that it’s a really thorough job. But the brilliant thing is, as an individual taking advantage of improving this still-to-be-officially-named project, you’d never know. To you, it will seem simple, a supportive shoulder and a guiding hand, all packaged up in layers of questions, support schedules and action plans – as well as face to face support, if you want some.

Amongst other things, a comprehensive questionnaire will provide a detailed analysis of your happiness levels, and the areas of your life which are not making you happy – sometimes the answers are not as straightforward as you may think; a surprise or two may be in store.

Armed with this valuable information, you will then be able to access expert help through personalised action plans, detailed support information and supporting texts and workbooks, as well as Calm People’s UK network of professionals, based anywhere from Bournemouth, to Belfast and Balerno!

Achieving greater personal happiness is a step by step process and can be the culmination of many years’ work to understand yourself. Our Happiness Project will enable this understanding to happen at a much-accelerated rate, without cutting corners. Once you can understand what makes you unhappy, putting plans in place to prevent these unhappy habits, and progress more positive aspects of your life, can make a real difference, and quickly. And remember, if you are happy, the people around you – the people you love and want to protect from unhappiness – will be much happier too.

We’ve all worked very hard on ensuring our Happiness Project is one of a kind, a testament to our passion and belief that we can improve each other’s lives. We hope that by providing this resource, we will be able to give you, and thousands of people like you, the power to – literally – change your life.

If you’d like us to notify you as soon as this new initiative goes live, just email me at: info@calmpeople.co.uk


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