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Our Most Popular Programmes – All Available Online as either Webinar or Group Workshop Format

Bottom line matters. And bottom line today is about keeping overheads down, whilst maintaining the skill set.

Calm People can audit the stress levels, apply the appropriate programmes to the most stressed areas, and show clear impact measurement (see case studies). We will show you how to handle conflict, stress, and unhealthy emotional responses which will build your teams and show your staff you value their contribution.


The courses can be run in-house, in half day / full day sessions, or off-site to suit your business needs. If we want the most skilled people in our organisations to stay, we have to ensure they have the resilience to handle the pressure. No matter how many technical and professional skills they have, if they can’t resolve conflict, keep a perspective, and look after their inner resources, you will have presenteeism, high sickness rates, and poor retention of your most valued resource.

These programmes are specifically designed for your organisation, so call to discuss requirements. Our experienced facilitators have worked with a range of organisations and will find the right package for you or design a bespoke workshop.

Below are examples of programmes that are proving to be our more commonly requested workshops:

All Available For Online Delivery



Seminars and Bite Sized Resilience Sessions


5 Pillars of Stress and You

An engaging and interactive session that gives you two clear strategies you can use to make an intervention into your relationship with stress and introduces you to the 5 Pillars coaching process and gives you personal insight into your relationship with stress.


Stress and My Physical Interventions

Not everyone wishes to deal with stress on an emotional and coaching level. In this engaging and interesting session we look at the physical side of stress and introduce you to interventions you can make to improve your physical resilience.


Rising to The Challenge – Dealing with Workplace Pressure

An interactive and interesting session offering understanding, tips and thought processes that could fundamentally change your relationship with the challenges you face in and out of work.


Understanding Workplace Conflict

A comprehensive, insightful and fast paced tour around the psychology of conflict between us humans and what it says about us. Learn what your judgements and criticisms of others tell you about yourself. Understand what assertive behaviour is really about. Find out whether you use your workplace to meet your needs.


The Power of Positive Programming

An interesting, engaging and practical understanding of how negative thought processes can affect our relationships, performance and health. This talk will deliver two stories and two key processes you can use to improve your outlook on life and enjoy work more.


Understanding Workplace Behaviour from an Emotional Viewpoint

A deeply insightful trip into the behaviours we all observe in others but may not recognise in ourselves. An interesting, challenging and valuable insight into how relationships between us build and how to make sure they are healthy.


Understanding and Improving your Happiness Quotient

We all want to be happy, right? Not all of us take the easiest route towards this often just out of our grasp nirvana. In this insightful masterclass we share our 7 segment model with essential tips and strategies to improve our overall wellbeing.



Master Classes


My Mental Health – Awareness and Action

An interactive masterclass that helps delegates have a better understanding of the issues, what mental health constitutes, what their responsibilities are and what support they get from their employer.


Supporting Team Members in Stressful Times

An interactive group masterclass for managers that delivers a better understanding of the issues their teams are facing and have strategies and tactics to hand to have compassionate conversations.


4 Strategies and 5 Pillars of Stress

An interactive masterclass focused on our relationship with stress and helping delegates understand their personal relationship with stress. Each delegate leaves with an understanding of their personal relationship with stress and have 4 strategies and tactics they can use to alter that relationship should they choose.



1 Day Workshops

For online delivery each day can be broken down into either 3 x 3 hour modules (consecutive days) with 15 min breaks built in or 2 x 3.5 hour  modules (consecutive days) depending on your space and technology capability.

Stepping out of Stress

A slowed down, experiential, purely stress focused workshop taking delegates through a series of modules helping them understand stress, where it comes from, its impact on them and others with plenty of practice of the strategies and techniques we share so that they leave the workshop confident they can take action.


Essential Emotional Resilience

Our flagship, core workshop, is a 1 day experiential workshop which creates a suitable environment for delegates to explore and understand their relationship with the three key areas that, if not attended to, can undermine their emotional strength, those being Stress, Self Esteem and Our Feelings.

During the workshop delegates will gain 6 strategies and tactics that will enable them to take responsibility for and build or maintain their emotional resilience.


Supporting Others Through Change

A one day workshop designed to equip managers with essential skills to support their team members in dealing with change and coach them through stressful times.

Note: This workshop is best delivered as a follow-up to any one of the Emotional Resilience Workshops included on this page.



2 Day Workshops

For online delivery each day can be broken down into either 3 x 3 hour modules (consecutive days) with 15 min breaks built in or 2 x 3.5 hour  modules (consecutive days) depending on your space and technology capability.

Thriving in a (VUCA) Constantly Changing Environment

A 2 day workshop for teams or individuals working in VUCA Environments.

VUCA stands for:





This workshop delivers the essential emotional self care skills combined with practical tactics and strategies for working with others in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.


Improving Efficiency Through Honest Communication

A 2 day team based workshop for teams that are either in conflict or who actively avoid conflict and thus lose efficiency.

This workshop gives delegates and teams the understanding of themselves and others when heading towards conflict. It highlights the parts of conflict that we are responsible for and how we can use those for personal development. The final part of the picture is the team contracting with each other that they will, going forward, have regular healthy conflict thus improving team dynamics and efficiency.

This workshop comprehensively deals with 2 of the first two dysfunctions of a team as developed by Howard Lencioni in his book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. The first two being “Trust one another” and “Work through conflict.” The best teams disagree regularly and if there is no conflict they are too comfortable.



3 Day Workshops

For online delivery each day can be broken down into either 3 x 3 hour modules (consecutive days) with 15 min breaks built in or 2 x 3.5 hour  modules (consecutive days) depending on your space and technology capability.

Calm Execs Resilience Retreat

Calm Execs Resilience Retreat is retreat style workshop over 2½ – 3 days which delivers leading edge resilience techniques and strategies to the delegates in a private, confidential and exclusive environment conducive to learning.

This workshop is designed for senior executives in the business and was designed after a piece of research carried out by Calm Execs which showed the following:

– Senior executives do in general bear proportionately more stress and pressure than their teams.

– Senior executives are likely to take notice and care of their team’s emotional resilience but less likely to take care of their own.

– Any work they choose to do in this area of personal development is unlikely to be with their teams for fear of appearing vulnerable.

In other organisations implementation of the Calm Execs Resilience Retreat workshop is for the senior executives in their “talented top 100” and is considered to be a reward and an investment in top talent.


Taster Sessions

Are you considering Calm People as a partner for your business?

Sometimes the only way you can really know how good we are is to try us out. We often build our best relationships after running a taster sessions for your teams.

If you would like to know more about possible timings, content or reduced cost of a taster workshop call 07850 614 042 and ask for Julian