Challenging times can bring some tough decisions.

We, however, would like to share with you a decision that turned out to be surprisingly easy to make.

Here at Calm People we have been working on a completely new concept for the last 2 years. 

We have been developing a comprehensive emotional health assessment that delivers to you a detailed and personalised report on your emotional health. We tested it on over 550 people and the results were so good we went on to design and develop 8 different emotional development pathways with animated videos and voice overs in them to help you build your emotional strength.

This has been a huge project for us and one designed to change the way we work.

We released this quietly in December and started talking to our clients about it and got really good feedback and some early subscribers.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we realised that a new product launch and a new way of running our business was not as important as helping people.

So we have decided to take the paywall down and offer the full assessment, the full report and all the pathways designed by our experts to anyone who needs them. 


For absolute clarity if you go to My Internal World and choose to sign up it will not cost you anything until after 21st June.

There is no catch, no bank details to put in, no contract to sign. Just a brilliant supportive environment for you to use until 21st June.

This has been an easy decision for us because when we started out on this journey our primary goal was to help people. On that score nothing has changed even though circumstances have…dramatically.

To set up your account and start improving your emotional health  click here.

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