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Here at Calm People we have wide ranging experience of working with young adults in a family context. Whether it is working with one family member having the biggest impact or the whole family we have experienced considerable success.

As we have further developed our experience and refined our approach we have come to realise that working with one young adult or child in the family, whilst helpful, is not a sensible use of our skills. If we want to help a child or young adult change their behaviour we need  an approach that changes the environment and expectations of the whole family unit. If we do not take this approach then any progress will be slower and the opportunities for setbacks will be greater.

Whether we like it or not, as parents, we have to take account of and responsibility for the environment we create that allows children’s behaviour t develop. Expecting the child to change and the environment and the behaviours of everyone else around that child to remain the same is a tall order.

BY working with the whole family we ensure that everyone is aware of what we are jointly aiming to achieve and together we can all change the environment, the behaviours and achieve healthy happy outcomes.