Business Leaders Do You Want Calm Strategic Thinkers or Toilet Roll Buyers?


The words “we are in the midst of a pandemic” are the sort likely to strike fear in the hearts of many. It is true that, for many of us, we are living through an unprecedented time and this can be scary. While many of us may not express our fear it is through our behaviours that the truth reveals itself and the emptying of supermarket shelves of toilet roll gives a fair barometer of how we may be feeling and how rationally we are behaving.

Suffice to say there is a lot of pack mentality and anxiety based behaviour going on at the moment.

Continuing the example of toilet roll, the behaviours we are seeing are expressing the fear of scarcity. The fear that we will not have sufficient resources available to us in the near future. The challenge we have with this mentality is that it can become a self fulfilling prophecy as the bare supermarket shelves are testament. We are suffering a nationwide shortage of toilet paper because we are scared we will not have enough toilet paper. QED.

This is all very well when it comes to making sure your neighbor does not get their fair share of Cushelle but when it comes to business, as the leader or owner you may want your executives and managers making decisions based upon more than fear and what the rest of the pack is doing.

In business you want your decision makers and your leaders to be taking a view of the whole picture, weighing up the options and making decisions in good speed. You don’t want them panicking. Panic is linked to that moment when our brain is flooded with adrenaline and cortisol and we can’t think straight. It is when our natural fight, fight or freeze mechanism simply takes over and without thinking the consequences through we either fight, flee or freeze…or buy toilet roll.

Never before has  the emotional resilience of your team and their leaders been more important. 

Three types of Stress

Remember, there are essentially three types of stress. Not enough which leads to boredom and underperformance. Just enough which motivates, speeds up thinking and improves performance, and too much which causes complete underperformance and ill health. Wherever your leaders and teams were on the stress graph before Corona Virus came to visit us they now have a lot more to worry about at work and at home. For many this will cause overload. You may not feel it is your responsibility but if you don’t do something to support your team’s it is just possible that you and your business will be the part of their lives that suffers.

Thrive don’t survive

Of course, there is another way…take action to support them, give them the resources to calm down and make good strategic decisions and when we finally feel like we are rising gently above the cloud of COVID 19 and can see clearly, not only will you have an organisation that has survived but one that has thrived. What’s more, your staff will be more engaged than they were before because when the chips were down you supported them appropriately.

Calm People Can Help You

We have been helping people understand themselves better and develop the healthy coping mechanisms they need for over 9 years. That’s a lot of experience and a lot of satisfied customers (click here to see some of our clients and click here to read testimonials) As our name suggests we help people remain calm and that is what our businesses need if we are to come through this pandemic in decent shape.

There are a number of ways that Calm People can help that can suit your logistical issues and your budgets. 


Clearly getting large numbers of people together in one place is a challenge for many so we can educate and inform online. Click here to see the list of seminars we run.

A suggested starting point would be to run our well received The 5 Pillars of Stress and You that delivers empowering self coaching techniques that your teams can use to solve their own stressful issues, remain calm and make healthy decisions.

Inner Calm

If you can’t coordinate the numbers on line at the same time or maybe are worried about the costs, talk to us about a team subscription to this amazing online emotional assessment and support hub.

This enables an individual to assess themselves and use different video assisted pathways to develop their emotional strength.

Book Recommendations

Finally, if you prefer to stop and just read there is our ebook The 5 Pillars of Stress available on Amazon and not just limited to the Kindle. If you want more book recommendation we have a page dedicated to this very idea (Click here).

One to One Support

Finally, you as the CEO and key decision maker may well be feeling the pressure at this moment. If you or any of your executive team need it we can arrange 121 coaching support so that you can continue to be strong, healthy and make the right business decisions that work for you, your teams and your customers.

The unsubtle punchline

COVID 19 is likely to be a defining moment for this country, it’s economy and your organisations. Don’t simply buy toilet roll.


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