…And another thing about thinking positively


You may have already read the earlier blog post about Why should I think more positively? which will inform this quick addendum.

This was prompted by a conversation with a member of our team who displayed perfect positive decision making in terms of how he chose to view the situation he was in.

The situation

Having rented a relatively new flat for a number of years he found out that the meters in his small block had been connected incorrectly for the last 9 years and he had been paying the electricity bill for the flat below and vice versa. This only came to light after the tenant downstairs left.

This led to some uncertainty around whether or not he had been paying too much for his electricity for the last 5 years, or too little.

In addition he now faces further uncertainty as he waits to find out what the new, correct electricity bill is going to be each month.

Because this mistake happened 9 years ago and since then builders and contractors have moved on it is unlikely anyone will be held to account over it.

Finally, because of various changes to energy providers over that time by both parties, tracking all the bills and unravelling who has paid what and who should have been paying what, is impossible.

The choice

Faced with the issue that his bill is about to change, but not knowing how much by, he chose this view:

  • If the bill goes up it shows he has been underpaying for the last 5 years and has had an unexpected bonus.
  • If the bill goes down he is in the money and will save the difference going forward.

A win whichever way it goes.

What would your view have been?